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Disinfection robots have both spray and ultraviolet disinfection modules. The mist spray is fine and uniform, the killing rate of bacteria in the air is as high as 99.9%; the UV module meets the requirements of GB19258, providing a remarkable disinfection effect.

Fully perceive indoor dynamic and suspended obstacles and achieve long-term stable operation. Functions like multi-robot collaboration and self-recharge capability also ensure their operational efficiency.

In the post-pandemic era, disinfection robots can minimize the risk of cross-infection thanks to human-machine separation.
Multi-mode disinfection, visual logs, and full-scene adaptation.

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Disinfection Robot No. M2

Product Dimension


Disinfectant Volume


Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity

>200µW/cm²(at 1 meter)

Spraying Parameter

Spraying output: 0.5-1.5L/h; Spray particle size <10µm.

Number of Ultraviolet Lamps

Four sets of UV germicidal lamp, with 360º surround radiation

Number of Ultrasonic Atomization Devices

6 sets of ultra-dry atomizing nozzles

Moving Speed


Disinfection Method (Three Methods for Choice)

Ultrasonic dry mist disinfection
Ultraviolet irradiation disinfection
Ultrasonic dry mist disinfection + Ultraviolet irradiation disinfection

Applicable Disinfectant

Hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, and
peroxyacetic acid

Maximum Climbing Angle

Slope ≤ 3°

Net Weight


Network Interface


Life Span

20,000 h

Battery Capacity

DC 48V 15Ah

Temperature and Humidity for Operation

0-45℃ , RH: 5%-85%, no dust

Rated Power


Operation Environment

Indoor environment, flat and smooth ground

Standby Current

Standby current is less than 0.5A

Charging Mode

Automatic/manual charging
Input rated voltage for charging port and adapter:100-240Va.c/50-60Hz

Endurance Time

About 4 hours

Standby Time

Standby time is greater than 24 hours

Storage Temperature

0℃ -60℃

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